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New Year New Smile

5 Tips to Get a New Years Smile Smile, It’s the new year and 2023 is here! Our new years resolution includes having a pretty smile among the list. Here are some new smile goals to achieve in the new year!  Improve your Oral Hygiene  Improving your oral hygiene is a great smile goal for …

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5 Invisalign Benefits

  5  Invisalign Benefits-                         The first thing we see when meeting someone new is their smile. Smiles help bring you confidence and elevates a friendly personality. If you aren’t happy with your smile, this can lower your self-esteem. Most people suffer from dental …

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Wisdom Teeth Preparation

Wisdom Teeth Preparation We all know the phrase – with age comes wisdom. Wisdom teeth removal surgery typically happens between the ages 16-25. Having an impacted tooth can lead to one or more wisdom teeth needing to be removed. Additional teeth are trying to grow in a mouth that is already full and the teeth …

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Invisalign Secrets

7 Invisalign Secrets

7 Invisalign Secrets: What you never knew Everyone sees that Invisalign straightens your teeth, But there are more uncommonly known reasons to get Invisalign.  Here are some Invisalign secrets that we thought you should know! #1 Less Big Cosmetic Problems after Treatment When braces come off, It’s such an exciting time to reveal your new …

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