Invisalign Secrets

7 Invisalign Secrets

7 Invisalign Secrets: What you never knew

Everyone sees that Invisalign straightens your teeth, But there are more uncommonly known reasons to get Invisalign.  Here are some Invisalign secrets that we thought you should know!

Invisalign Secrets

#1 Less Big Cosmetic Problems after Treatment

When braces come off, It’s such an exciting time to reveal your new smile. Unfortunately, permanent stains on the front part of your teeth and cavities are commonly revealed. The areas where brackets are bonded to teeth sometimes leave an indefinite tooth tattoo. Since there are not a lot of brackets bonded to teeth, we are not seeing  this problem after Invisalign.

#2 Invisalign Secrets-Easier brushing

When you chose Invisalign you are able to brush all areas of your teeth and get into all of the same cervices as before. This Invisalign secret is very helpful and makes brushing our teeth more easier- and fun.

#3 Invisalign Secrets-Easier to floss

During your Invisalign treatment, there are no metal obstruction preventing you from flossing. You are able to clean in between your teeth. We are not seeing as many deep cavities as when patients chose traditional braces. Flossing will be easier on your pearly whites. It is important to keep our gums and teeth cleans for our friendly smiles.

#4 X-Rays

When check up X-rays are done, we can see if you have any dental problems. There is no metal on your braces that obstructs our view. To learn more about our X-rays check this out.

7 Invisalign Secrets: What you never knew

#5 Easier to Treat Dental Problems

If you have a dental problem during the course of your Invisalign, we can easily and conservatively access the area that we need to get too. There is no metal preventing us from getting to the decay.

#6 Fluoride Trays

Your Invisalign trays can be used as a prescription fluoride tray. You can get professional fluoride treatments and your existing trays to target the specific areas that you need extra fluoride protection. You can conservatively add fluoride to specific areas of need.

#7 Night Guards

Since the Invisalign trays are clear plastic, they are also functioning as nightguards. Nightguards soften your bite and save your teeth from years of wear and tear. Prevention is always our goal! Using plastics to cover your teeth and save your tooth structure is one of our favorite benefits of Invisalign.


 Invisalign Secrets Benefits

You probably knew that Invisalign straightens your teeth. Dentist love that Invisalign has so many other benefits! If you would like to get Invisalign or learn more about the benefits of Invisalign as well as the processing, contact our office at (661) 259-4474    

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