Wisdom teeth and Sinuses

Wisdom Teeth and sinuses- What to consider

                     You know how the phrase goes, with age comes wisdom. Just like people our mouths go through changes as we get older.  Our wisdom teeth will creep up on us and affect our sinuses but don’t worry, It’s natural and happens to everyone.

                                                 Wisdom teeth and sinuses

What are Wisdom teeth?

     We all have heard people’s stories about when they got their wisdom teeth removed.  These teeth are the last set of molars that come into the mouth. Most people have four wisdom teeth, two on the top and two at the bottom. Depending your tolerance to pain wisdom teeth can impact everyone differently and can come at any age from adolescents to seniors. Everyone’s mouth is different and the placement/function of teeth can contrast to other people. These molars are removed due to our jaws internally becoming smaller overtime. The symptoms include

  • Jaw pain
  • Swollen gums
  • Bad breathe
  • Difficulty opening mouth


      How do wisdom teeth affect our sinuses?

Due to the pressure forming in our jaws, the pain can linger up towards our Maxillary Sinuses and can cause extreme headaches, congestion, ear pain and soreness in the back of the throat. This is happening due to the root of our teeth putting pressure on our internal upper body function. This can be very painful…..even if it’s not even allergy season. Our sinuses that our in our body are very sensitive and the agony pressure from our molar is not a fun feeling.  Ear pain is not so fun. But no worries, there is a way this pain can be resolved.

      Interested in Invisalign? Watch the video here to learn more!


Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The removal is not as scary as it sounds. Just think, the pain will be gone sooner!  When your molars are are ready for removal your dentist or oral hygienist will refer a small procedure. This extraction can help release the pain that is lingering in your mouths and affecting your sinuses. The procedures includes making an incision to your gums to extract the teeth. Your mouth will be numb so the pressure of the cuts won’t hurt. But after the relief will be better than the ongoing pain.  It is important to take care of our mouth. This includes our teeth and our gums. A happy mouth can lead to a happy smile. For more important healthy dental tips check out Food for Healthy Gum and Teeth.   

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