Sensitive Teeth – Causes and Treatments

Sensitive Teeth

If the taste of your chocolate bar or the sip of your morning coffee causes a painful experience in your mouth, then you have sensitive teeth. Having sensitive teeth can range from a small jolt in your mouth to a long lasting discomfort. Everyone’s mouth is different. Consuming sugar or anything acidic and sweet can be a trigger to this pain. Here are some causes and treatments to sensitive teeth. 

Sensitive Teeth "Santa Clarita"

      What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

#1 Brushing to hard

You read that correct, brushing our teeth too hard does cause them to become sensitive. Too much force on our pearly whites eats out the outer layer enamel. This causes a sensitive inner layer in our teeth. Brushing too hard or even using a toothbrush with hard bristles can tear away those protective layers in out teeth.


#2 Teeth Grinding

Most people often grind their teeth while sleeping, or clenching your jaw throughout the day without even realizing. When the top and bottom of your mouth come together the force causes our teeth to slowly break. The enamel tubules causes tooth loss and our gums become very delicate. Cold water and air that enters the mouth will go straight to the nerve and cause the painful feeling.


#3 Cavities

Having cavities can lead to sensitive teeth. The decay eats up the outer layers of your tooth and burrows into the nerve of your tooth. The reaction of the nerve being exposed to outside forces can cause a painful experience. Cavities are very common and can hold a discomfort feeling to our teeth’s sensitivity.

  What Are Treatments?


#1 Softer Toothbrush

When brushing our teeth in the morning  or at night, we probably don’t take in consideration the force we are putting against our teeth. Yes, it is very important to brush our pearly whites but to treat the sensitive teeth pain you could purchase a toothbrush with softer bristles. The soft bristles curve around our teeth and gums rather than forcefully scraping against them. Lightweight toothbrushes also protect the tooth enamel rather than scraping out the outer layer. This method can help relief the pressure from our sensitive teeth.

Sensitive Teeth "Santa Clarita"


#2 Nightguard/Retainer

Wearing a night guard or a retainer is the best way to prevent any tooth damage. The protective plastic reduced force and absorbs pressure. This also softens the bite and protects the teeth. Keeping our teeth in line with retainers can strongly benefit our oral health.


#3 Cleanings/Checkups

Having good dental cleanings and coming in regularly for checkups can reduce the pain of sensitive teeth. Staying on top of your dental care can prevent any pain that can spread in the future. It is important to come in for checkups because doctors may find a problem and can find a way to fix it faster. If pain is extreme, doctors may suggest using fluorides. This can help prevent any further tooth decay and and helps strengthen your teeth.

Having this discomfort is normal and happens to everybody. There are different ways that cause our teeth to become very delicate, but there are multiple ways to treat the pain.

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