Wisdom Teeth Preparation

Wisdom Teeth Preparation

We all know the phrase – with age comes wisdom. Wisdom teeth removal surgery typically happens between the ages 16-25. Having an impacted tooth can lead to one or more wisdom teeth needing to be removed. Additional teeth are trying to grow in a mouth that is already full and the teeth are not having enough room to grow naturally. The pain can be very extreme as these extra teeth are breaking through the gums. If you are having your wisdom teeth surgery or are interested in what is to come, here is a guide to prepare you.

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Before Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It is always good that you are prepared. For an oral procedure like this you want to be ready mentally and physically. Here are a few ways to assemble yourself before your wisdom teeth extraction.

  • Before the procedure its always a good to stock up on vitamin C. When your tooth is extracted the power of the vitamin C will be beneficial in healing your gums faster.
  • No eating or drinking after midnight prior to the surgery.
  • No herbal medications or tea.
  • Stock up on soft foods and liquids. This can include Mac & Cheese, Mashed potatoes, Yogurt, ice cream, soups and Jell-O. Anything that is soft enough to easily consume.
  • It is advised that the patient does not consume alcohol before the procedure
  •  Schedule time off from school and work. Inform them that you will be out for a couple of days to recover from the procedure.
  • Prepare a comfortable area in your home to recover and rest.
  • Arrive to your appointment wearing comfortable clothing, loose fitting shirt and don’t forget your fuzzy socks……..it might be a little cold in the office.

After Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The procedure should last less than or about an hour. If you are under sedation it will feel like seconds. To learn more about our sedation process click here! The first 24 hours after your wisdom teeth extractions are very important.

  • It is important to get lots of rest after your surgery.
  • Make sure to not consume any hard foods such as nuts and rice. Also any fruit juice that can affect blood clotting in the gum, or cause dry sockets.
  • Change our the gauze in our mouth as many times needed (Bleeding should stop within hours after surgery.)
  • Place ice packs on your cheeks – 20 minutes on and 2o minutes off
  • Avoid hardcore activity for the first 48-72 hour
  • Rinse your mouth softly with warm salt water
  • Take your prescribed medication on time

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Everyday after the procedure will get easier. Jaw tenderness and soreness will remain present for about a week or two. Everybody’s recovery experience is different. If you are interested in wisdom teeth extractions or have any questions call our office.


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