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Sports Guard

Sweaty boy with mouth guard in his mouthIndulging in sporting activities is refreshing, healthy, and something everyone should do regularly. While some sporting activities are not aggressive and do not involve a lot of physical contact, others require you to get in close contact with your teammates and your opposition. This sometimes gets chaotic and you could end up getting a hit in your face. If you want to protect your teeth and your mouth and still enjoy playing the sport, then come visit us at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry so we can discuss how sports mouthguards will help you.

Understanding Sports Mouthguards

The minute somebody hears the word mouthguard, they assume a big and bulky plastic piece placed in between the teeth. While these are what over-the-counter sporting mouthguards look like, the ones we customize are quite different. To begin with, customized mouthguards are based on the shape of your mouth and jaw. These mouthguards can be placed in your mouth and you will still be able to close your mouth conveniently.

Even though they are compact, they provide superior protection against high impact blows and allow you to protect your teeth and gums while still enjoying your favorite sport without a care in the world.

The Benefits Of A Sporting Mouthguard

During a high impact physical sport, when someone or something hits your mouth, your teeth and jaw are automatically in danger. If your tongue slips between your upper and lower jaw, then it could be an even bigger disaster. Sporting mouthguards help cushion the impact and prevent major injuries from occurring. Whether you have natural teeth, implants, fillings, or orthodontics, you can continue playing your favorite sport without having to worry about your teeth. All you need is a simple sporting mouthguard that can protect your mouth while you enjoy the sport.

A heavy impact on your teeth without the mouthguard could result in the tooth breaking or cause swelling of your gums, thereby putting you at risk for oral infections. A good quality sporting mouthguard protects your overall mouth and even if there is a high impact blow, your mouth stays protected.

While some people believe that wearing a helmet can help, the truth is that a helmet is designed to protect your head and not your mouth and jaws. While it will cushion your head, your jaw can get damaged very severely if you fall face first or someone elbows your jaw.

Don't let these injuries hold you back and don't let them frighten you either. Unleash your full potential and enjoy playing your favorite sport with the help of our custom-made sporting mouthguards so that you can smile flawlessly at the end of the game.

If the sporting season is about to begin and you are contemplating whether or not you should enroll your name in the team, go right ahead. However, also think about how you can protect your jaw and mouth with the help of a good quality sporting mouthguard. To learn more about how we can customize a mouthguard for you, you can visit us at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry or give us a call at 661-513-3919 at your earliest convenience.

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