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Periodontal Maintenance
Santa Clarita, CA

Diagram of periodontitis and healthy tooth.Maintaining good gum health is very important because that’s where the roots of your teeth are. When your gum health is compromised, it compromises all the teeth in your mouth and this could lead to multiple dental complications. Periodontal diseases can be avoided by regular dental visits to us. If you haven't visited us in a while, then drop in our office at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry so we can inspect your mouth and rule out the possibility of periodontal diseases and help promote better dental health.

Healthy Gums Mean Healthy Teeth

If your gums are not healthy, your teeth will not be healthy either. If you want strong and healthy teeth, you need to look after your gums well. Gum infections start with very mild and negligible symptoms. It is easy to miss out on these signs at an early stage. Gum infections usually come to light once they have spread far. This makes it difficult to control and treat. When patients come in with severe gum infections, they will need to continue visiting us to ensure that the infection is treated completely and this could take a while. It may also compromise the health of the other teeth in the mouth.

Treating Periodontal Infections Takes Time

As mentioned above, periodontal diseases usually take a long time to treat because they spread far. The infection starts as something very small but it could spread right up to the root of your tooth and sometimes even the tissue. Our professionals cannot get in and clean all of this in one sitting. Leaving in even the slightest of infection will cause it to spread all over again. This is the reason our professionals need to keep going in and cleaning the infection until they are sure that there is nothing left. This can sometimes get invasive too. However, it can be avoided when you visit us regularly. While you might not be able to recognize early signs of periodontal diseases, our professionals can, and they will get it treated in time before it spreads far.

Compromises The Integrity Of Your Teeth

When periodontal diseases spread far, they affect the roots of your teeth. This weakens the structure and you could lose your teeth. Do not let this infection spread so far because sometimes treating it without extracting the tooth could also be difficult for our professionals.

Infection Could Lead To Irreversible Problems

When patients do not maintain regular dental appointments, they could end up suffering from periodontal diseases that have spread severely. When periodontal diseases reach the bone and soft tissue, there is no going back from there. There is only so much our professionals can do to treat the condition. Once it reaches the bone, it will affect all the roots in your mouth and this will result in all your teeth falling off. This could also result in jaw degeneration and affect the shape of your mouth.

Do not let it get to this stage. Give us a call at 661-513-3919 or visit us here at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry so we can determine the health of your teeth and gums.

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Periodontal Maintenance | Dr. Smudde, DDS | Santa Clarita, CA
At Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry, we can inspect your mouth and rule out the possibility of periodontal diseases and help promote better dental health.
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