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Dental Assistant School in Santa Clarita

Dental tools being handled by a dental assistantLooking for a Dental Assistant School in Santa Clarita? Look no further, you have come to the right place. Santa Clarita School of Dental Assisting is the best option for you! Only 12 weeks to complete the course! Learn from actual professionals. Don’t just read and watch videos, get hands on experience. Buckle up! And I'll tell you what makes our school so great.

Covid Compliant Dental Assistant School

Before we dive any further. This article is being published during the Covid 19 Pandemic. As a result, we are keeping our students as safe as possible. Our school is located in a technologically advanced office. And this allows for hourly disinfection and sanitation. There are over 16 HEPA Filtration Systems. In fact, these 3 level filters are proven to filter all pollutants and viruses from the air. Including Covid-19 Particles. 

12 Week Accelerated Program

Dr. Kelly Smudde, a well-renowned Dentist, founded the program several years ago. The accelerated course allows you to start your career quickly. Dr. Kelly created the school with her vision of the "ideal Dental Assistant" in mind. Instead of sticking to a generic copy and paste curriculum, she wrote her own entirely from scratch! She focused on Real Life situations and procedures. This curriculum prepares students to walk out of our classroom and straight into the workforce. This means that you can be making real money, real soon!

The connections that we have within the Dental Field sets this program apart. Instructors are RDAs and Dental Assistants themselves. Further, the program helps provide guidance in finding an office placement for graduation. Although job placement is not guaranteed, many of our students are offered paid positions while still completing the program.

Many of our past students have used this course as the first step towards a new career. Some students become RDA's, Dental Hygienist's, or even a Dentist. In less than 3 months, students will be certified in Dental Assisting, Radiology, Coronal Polishing, and Pit and Fissures.

Hands on Learning

Students are able to experience learning with one-on-one instruction. Learning here is fun! We prefer hands-on real-world experience. Instead of boring hours spent reading books and going through theories. Educators take the time to individually check on each student during the duration of classes. As a result, instructors make sure that no student is lost or left behind.
This intentional time between students and instructors sets us apart from other schools. Giving us a 100% Graduation Rate in the 15 Years of our School.

Experience in a Real Dental Office

Why train in a replication of a Dental Office when you could work in a real one? This program is based out of Drs. Allen and Kelly Smudde's Personal Dental Practice, Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry. Students are given experience with real dental equipment, instruments, sanitizers, and machinery. 

In addition, this opportunity makes the transition to the workforce an easy and approachable one!

Placement Assistance

Instructors are always receiving inquiries from surrounding offices for Dental Assistants. Several students begin an externship in a local Dental Office. Many are offered jobs within the office once they graduate. We help you form the essential relationships you need to move forward in the Dental Industry.

If you are curious about the job market for dental assistants, please visit this page about dental assistant jobs!

Flexible Schedule

Don’t you just hate it when you want to take a class, do an activity, go visit someplace, but can’t because time isn’t on your side. Maybe it’s hard to make time because you have a kid. Perhaps it’s difficult because you have a full-time job. Not to worry because we want you to succeed. We only meet twice a week. Unlike traditional schools where you must take Math, English, History, electives and yada, yada, yada, we only teach you what you need in the real world. Past students love this about our program. It’s fast, flexible, and straight to the point! Many of our past students are single moms, full-time workers, and even full-time students pursuing other interests. We give them the opportunity to take care of their responsibilities while being able to start a new rewarding career.

Pandemic Proof Career

During the Covid-19 Pandemic many people lost their jobs. Entire Industries shut down. However regardless of what the world is going through, societies still need to function at the most basic levels. You may have noticed that some jobs and careers were deemed “essential”, the Dental field was one of those careers. BE ESSENTIAL! Feel confident in knowing that you have chosen a career path that is Pandemic-Proof!

Dental Assistant School Conclusion

First, congratulations on making it to the end of the article. You should feel proud that you are looking into a career path that is respected, growing, and one that allows upward mobility. Lastly, if you decide to pursue this career and find that you like it, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a hygienist, or a dentist. Should that be something you wish to pursue. Want a free tour of our school? Click here to schedule a free tour! If you have any other questions, you can always contact us at 661-513-3919. Still not sure? Check out pictures and testimonials from our previous students. Good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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