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Clear Aligners

Woman using clear alignerA smile is incomplete if the teeth are not aligned properly or if there is overcrowding in your mouth. Sometimes people who have an overbite or an underbite find it difficult to flash a smile. If you have any of these problems but you hate the traditional wired braces then visit our office at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry so you can hear more about Invisalign® and see how it can help you get the perfect smile you are looking for.

Eat Anything You Want

Unlike traditional braces where you need to control what you eat and avoid certain food items completely; you do not have to worry about that problem with Invisalign. Invisalign allows you to eat all your favorite food items without the worry about it getting damaged since you can remove it and put it back in your mouth whenever you want.

Less Invasive

With traditional braces, you often need to extract a tooth or two from your mouth so that the braces can fit properly, and it can rectify your smile. Invisalign is a modern approach that does not require tooth extraction or metal wires going around your teeth to straighten them. Invisalign is removable and you can take it out and place it back in your mouth independently, whenever you want or need to.

Visually Appealing

Braces have this metallic look that is not always appealing and while children still wear them, adolescents, teenagers, and adults have a few reservations about wearing wired braces. Invisalign is transparent and it fits over your teeth seamlessly. Other people won't realize that you are wearing something on the top of your teeth, and this gives you the confidence to use them regularly. You can wear them to work or even at social gatherings without having to worry about what people see or think whenever you smile.

Improves Dental Health

Braces are fixed on your teeth and when you have to clean your mouth, you will have to work your way around the braces. This is something you don't need to worry about when you are wearing Invisalign because you can always take them off and clean them and your teeth effectively. This helps to maintain a good level of oral hygiene and it results in fewer dental issues.

Suited For Adults As Well

Adults often feel conscious when they have to wear braces because of the wires being visible on the teeth. With Invisalign, this is something they don't need to worry about. They can now rectify their smile and fix their teeth with Invisalign. Since it is not visible, it gives them the confidence to wear it in public with ease.

Shorter Time Frame

Traditional braces take about four to five years to correct the teeth. Invisalign on the other hand requires about a year to fix the alignment of your teeth. This makes it a more feasible option, even for high school students who are about to enter college and have reservations about wearing braces.

If you are still not sure and have questions about Invisalign, feel free to give us a call at 661-513-3919 or visit us at Santa Clarita Advanced Dentistry to learn more about what Invisalign is all about and how it may benefit you.